Blue-Jean Wrap

I have seen some elegant wraps using cloth. It occurred to me that I could dig into my cloth scraps and come up with something different. Imagine my delight when  blue-jean scraps turned up.

I cut up an old pair of jeans to fit around half of the chosen box. Then I could begin to see the upper half as a shirt; digging deeper in same cloth box I found some of Linda’s old silk trousers. A little bit of matte-knife work and I had the second half of the wrap.

I  wrapped the gift’s box in rough paper. Then I began gluing the silk onto that underwrap, using fiber tape on the backside to pull and arrange the silk. Then I glued the jeans onto the box. It is messy on the backside but the front was tight.

I reached into the ribbon box and found the read and gold ribbon for the belt. And I went into the recycled bow box and found the red-green mylar bow. The name tag was a simple rectangle of paper, tucked into the jeans pocket.

Linda said it looked a bit weird. I thought it just looked silly. But it does have sculptural impact. I have strayed fairly far away from wrap traditions with this truncated human form. Let me know what you think.