Tinsel Beard

I have always been challenged when it comes to tinsel. As a child I led the opposition to tinsel on the grounds that it was just too messy. But some friends recently bequeathed me their supply of tinsel. I vowed that I would make my peace with it by finding a way to incorporate it into wrapping.

If  you like a neat and orderly wrapping table this is not the wrap for you. But, as you can see, I did find a way to apply used tinsel to a gift wrap.

First I wrapped the box in a piece of yellow paper that came from a direct-mail piece. Then I pulled out a batch of tinsel from one large ball that was part of my tinsel inheritance. I shook it out to give it a mostly vertical alignment. With my left hand I applied a strip of hot glue along the top of the wrapped box. I then placed the top edge of the tinsel onto the hot glue.

I then took a small strip of scrap paper, applied glue to it and then placed it on top of the tinsel in alignment with the underlying first band of glue. I pressed down to fix the tinsel in place.

With scissors, I made a preliminary trim of the lower end of the tinsel. Then I followed the above procedures to attach more and more tinsel around the wrap.

Next I took a piece of red-foil paper, gave it one folded edge where it would overlay the tinsel, and wrapped it around the top of the box using both glue and tape. I shook out the wrap to get red of loose tinsel. Grabbing my scissors I gave the wrap a tonsorial trim.

I folded some gold paper, rubbed on white dry-transfer letters for recipient initials.

Then I got out the shop vac and cleaned up the tinsel that littered my studio.

This wrap is very dynamic and silly when handled.