Little Holiday Lights

I was in a gift shop in Leadville over Thanksgiving. I saw some Christmas-lights necklaces for sale, and took the uncommon tactic (for Wrap Art) of buying wrap-art supplies.

What I had not expected was how difficult it was to turn this idea into a practical wrap. My first effort led to the black wine-bumper wrap that I made two posts back. That dark wrap simply looked better without the lights.

So this time I tried placing them on a plain white wrap. Indeed they looked much better. The lights are complicated visually: the contrast between the lights that light up and those that do not demanded the simple, bright background.

But the next problem was how to place them. I tried a system of four rows of six lights, but the fact that the necklace is a closed circle not a finite line made it very difficult to figure a path for the wire. I undid the hot-glued lights and placed another layer of white paper on the wrap. Then I pursued my final design, a meandering placement.

The little switch and battery case is hiding on a side of the wrap.

Some wraps go together with the greatest of ease. Others are full of surprises and obstructions in the path to completion. This simple idea was not simple in execution.

Once completed, however, this little wrap has a delightful power when placed into a group of gifts; the blinking lights are visually insistent.