Autumn Leaves Wrap

leaf-wrapI was walking in the park when these huge leaves caught my eye. I brought them home. The gift box is wrapped in a piece of advertising. I chose a wristwatch image for its fine details of metal, glass and precise graphic forms. These machined details contrast with the equally complex but organic details in the leaves. I also chose it because autumn leaves are a poignant symbol of the passage of time.

I had two leaves. One I wrapped around the gift, using hot glue to attach it. Then I glued the leaf-wrapped box to the other leaf. I chose this design to contrast the rectangular form of the box with the normal shape of the unbent leaf.

I also chose to use the underside of the leaf because of theĀ  complex details of the leaves’ light-yellow veins.

This wrap is very easy to make. But it must be given soon after wrapping, since the leaves dry out rapidly. This effect, of course, adds to the symbolic power of this wrap, emphasizing the preciousness and brevity of the moment. I did not think of this wrap until long after the bright red maple leaves had already fallen, dried up, and lost their color. But there is, hopefully, next year.