Cubox Wrap

cubox-132bI have been thinking about multi-box wraps since I did the cow wrap at Christmas. In this case I was thinking about literal cubism. I wanted to see sliced and interpenetrating boxes.

An important detail in executing this wrap is to cut the boxes before you put the gift in the box.

I cut the red-wrap box using a scroll-saw. But the little box’s angle made this impossible. Instead, I drew the cut line onto the box and then sliced the line using a box-cutter. I placed the cut ends of the boxes onto a sheet of cardboard and traced the incised opening. I cut those shapes out, and, using hot glue, I attached the three pieces to the three open ends of the two boxes. That would give the boxes the rigidity they need for wrapping.

I chose to wrap them in scraps of traditional wrapping paper in order to use the contrast of tradition and innovation. I’d never tried traditional fold-n-wrap on such odd shaped boxes. Amazingly it is not that hard if you go slow and watch where the paper wants to make folds.

On the red box, I had the idea of gluing on a patch of contrasting paper, in this case the charming patterns from a Clark Richert retrospective invitation. The purpose was to show that this surface was the inside of something that had been sliced.

Next I had to play with the three parts and figure out how best to assemble them. Then I hot-glued them together.